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It is the mission of International Institute of Deaf Services, Inc. (IIDS) to train leaders and educators, both deaf and hearing, interpreters and workers with the deaf to make disciples for Jesus Christ. IIDS offers skill development in Deaf Leadership and American Sign Language, Faith Based training and technology. IIDS host and travels, providing workshops and seminars. As a result, leaders, educators, sign language interpreters, workers/teachers of deaf children and adults around the country will make a dynamic impact on society.

In addition, IIDS serves as a source of information or a means of channeling information across the country to Faith Based Interpreters (FBI). E-mails are received regularly from different ministries and organizations which include news concerning local and national conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. IIDS disseminates that information with the assistance of our Social Media Marketing Chair using our list-serve and Constant Contact.

On every front, the work of IIDS is challenging and changing lives through the power of Christ and a passionate heart for ministry. Service offered through IIDS includes Intercessory Prayer. IIDS constantly receives prayer request from across the country. These requests are prayed over and then disseminated to what we call “The Faith Family” (like-minded individuals) who covenant with IIDS to reach the Throne of Grace.

It is the vision of IIDS to become the “Standard Setter” in serving the Christian Deaf and Interpreting communities. IIDS envisions becoming the “go-to” source for Faith Based Interpreters across the country, offering training and resources for Deaf leadership, Deaf empowerment, professional development, and interpreter mentorship.

  New Book Announcement:

"A 21st Century (d)Deaf Ministry - From a Biblical Perspective"
by Noah Butler, III

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