International Institute of Deaf Services


On every front, the work of IIDS is challenging and changing lives through the power of Christ and a passionate heart for ministry.

One of the services offered by IIDS is Intercessory Prayer. If you or a family member is in need of prayer, IIDS has a family of intercessors who will intercede on your behalf. Because the Executive Director, Paul William Ellis, has a heart for people and believes in the power of prayer, he takes each prayer request personally and then sends it to those who share his belief that God can do anything but fail. All prayer requests should be sent directly to [email protected].


Annually, on February 16th, IIDS sponsors an International Day of Prayer for Deaf Ministries. From midnight until 11:59pm, we ask the nation to join us in prayer as we pray for Deaf ministries around the world. We pray that Deaf and hard-of-hearing members, interpreters, pastors, and ministry teams would fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. We pray that ministry members will be inspired to go out and make disciples for Christ. We pray for ministries that might be experiencing oppression or facing adversities. We pray for Deaf pastors and leaders around the world.


Another service IIDS offers is ministry coaching. If you have questions about Deaf ministry, IIDS has a staff of experienced personnel with a combined total of more than 95 years of ministry and interpreting experience. Ministry leaders and workers are encouraged to write or e-mail questions and concerns about setting up or maintaining a Deaf ministry to our headquarters at [email protected]. Our staff will do our best to respond within 48 hours of your inquiry.

International Institute of Deaf Services
International Institute of Deaf Services


Additionally, IIDS has published books and a workbook on Deaf ministry. One book is entitled, “Navigating Through Roadblocks - A Guide to Breaking Barriers in Deaf Ministry.” The other is entitled “A 21st Century Deaf Ministry -From a Biblical Perspective- Second Edition. This set will assist anyone interested in setting up, maintaining or improving a Deaf ministry. Books are available on this website as well as on

International Institute of Deaf Services
International Institute of Deaf Services


IIDS hosts an annual conference, IMPARTATION, providing a Leadership track for Deaf consumers and three (3) tracks (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners) for interpreters and CDIs. This four (4) day conference is held in Birmingham, Alabama and welcomes delegates from across the US and Europe to participate. Conference workshops, plenary sessions and worship services are interpreted in American Sign Language and in English, providing equal access to all. The conference provides a safe environment and encourages the use of sign language by all. Certain areas host “Voice-Off Zones” where verbal communication is prohibited. More information about IMPARTATION is available on this website under the Conference tab or you can e-mail is at [email protected].


During our annual IMPARTATION Conference, IIDS offers mentorship opportunities. Candidates for the program must have be a Pre-certified interpreter with more than three (3) years of experience working in the field. The individuals will be mentored with a focus on enhancing their skills (ASL-to-English and vice versa) working in Religious Settings or must be a pre-certified interpreter with no less than five (5) years of experience working in the field. These individuals will be mentored with a focus on platform interpreting working in Religious Settings.

Mentees will be paired with a member of the IMPARTATION Interpreting team (Mentor) who has relevant skills in both the focus area and in mentoring novice and pre-certified practitioners. The Mentor will be RID Certified and have substantial experience working as a member of the IMPARTATION Interpreting team. Mentees will be required to attend all meetings/workshop presentations conducted for members of the Interpreting Team. They will also be expected to meet the same professional dress codes and adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct while participating in the program. The mentees whose focus is on platform interpreting will be expected to provide these services under the supervision of the assigned mentor.

International Institute of Deaf Services
International Institute of Deaf Services


If you’re unable to attend an annual conference, IIDS offers IMPACT Conferences. An IMPACT Conference is a mini version of IMPARTATION, but held in different cities across the United States. IMPACTS are hosted by local churches or organizations and those groups get to select the dates and workshops for their event. IIDS offers more than 15 workshops or will create a workshop to meet the needs of the host. More information about IMPACT is available on this website under the Conference tab or you can e-mail us at [email protected].


IIDS works with the youth across the country to promote literacy and Deaf legacy. Annually, IIDS celebrates National Deaf History Month from March 16th-April 15th each year. IIDS sponsors an annual essay writing contest for students around the country. Essays should be written about Deaf individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of society, deafness, or the betterment of life in general.

The purpose of this essay writing contest is to broaden and deepen an appreciation of reading and research while encouraging the national deaf community to share experiences, learn and respect the heritage and culture of the community, and to recognize that being deaf does not limit individuals from achieving greatness.

The International Institute of Deaf Services desires to promote deaf culture, books, and literacy by encouraging students to utilize their libraries as well as internet resources to research the accomplishments of deaf individuals. Essays are judged by a panel of judges and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are chosen and awarded prizes. Winning essays will be posted on the IIDS website.

International Institute of Deaf Services
International Institute of Deaf Services


IIDS desires to connect individuals with interpreters, interpreted worship services, and deaf ministries across the country. Using our new IIDS- Faith Based Interpreter (FBI) Network, individuals can log-on and list their information or their deaf ministry’s information into our directory data base. Individuals seeking interpreter services or looking to visit a deaf ministry can log onto the network and find information. Stay tuned for more information about the FBI network. To purchase your FBI jacket, contact [email protected].